Mentor Jimmy Iovine said at the beginning of tonight's episode of 'American Idol' that he envisions a guy in next week's Season 10 finale. Well, there's only one dude left and it's country music's pride and joy, Scotty McCreery, who indeed advanced to the finals. That's right. After 95 million Americans voted, which is the most non-finale votes in the show's history, McCreery will be competing against Lauren Alaina in next week's finals. That means goldilocks singer Haley Reinhart is going home. Congrats, Scotty! We knew you could do it.

Actress Elle Fanning, young sister of actress Dakota, was in the audience during the episode; she said that their cousin is obsessed with 'Idol' and that she picked her favorite singer from the first moment that she heard said singer's voice. After a few incessant giggles, Fanning revealed that her 'Idol' loving relative is rooting for McCreery all the way. Maybe the Fanning cousin is onto something.

McCreery also returned to his hometown of North Carolina on tonight's episode and he was met with the screams of teenage girls as well as of North Carolinians of all ages. It was a warm welcome for the humble hometown boy. He even visited the grocery store where he used to work, wearing a standard issue uniform. The biggest surprise of all? The fact that McCreery's personal 'Idol' Josh Turner hopped on stage with McCreery mid-set as McCreery covered Turner's 'Your Man' for his hometown fans! It's full circle for McCreery, since 'Your Man was the first song he sang during the a capella auditions.

Scotty McCreery is one step closer to being crowned 'American Idol.'

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