Scotty McCreery is the great country hope on this season of 'American Idol.' While we are already well aware that he idolizes and respects Josh Turner, having performed Turner's 'Your Man' 'and 'Long Black Train' on the show, McCreery revealed he also idolizes Garth Brooks!

McCreery sang Brooks' classic 'The River' on last night's episode of 'Idol,' where contestants were allowed to sing songs by their own personal idols. Once again, McCreery's deep voice can transport you to a watering hole in the middle of nowhere with its homegrown, mature-beyond-its-years timber. If he is this good at 16-years-old, can you imagine what he'll be capable of at 20? Or 26?

Randy Jackson was floored, rightfully so, saying, "Yo, Scotty, if it ain't broke, don't even think about fixing it. It goes to show, dude, this is exactly where you belong. You could put that out as a record now. Don't change it!"

Steven Tyler was equally impressed, gushing, "Scotty, you did the Garth justice," and invoked Roy Rogers, saying McCreery rides high.

Most importantly, though, was how McCreery engaged the audience with this performance. Jennifer Lopez commented, "I saw you open up as a performer. You feel the audience and you bring us into the performance. You sing the songs spot on, but you are taking us on the ride with you. There is something that happens between audience and singer and artist." There is definitely something happening between America and Scott McCreery, too!

While McCreery lamented that he is missing baseball season at home in North Carolina, being a contestant on 'Idol' is a consolation prize that eclipses that loss!

Watch Scott McCreery Sing 'The River' on 'American Idol'