It was Concert Scotty, according to Randy Jackson, on tonight's 'American Idol.'

Scotty McCreery deftly showed off his rock 'n' roll side with his rowdy, fist-pumping rendition of Montgomery Gentry's high-octane, hair-on-fire 'Gone,' and McCreery's voice was so well-matched against those of his female back-up singers.

McCreery turned in an exciting, energetic performance, so he probably won't be 'Gone' after tomorrow's results episode. He probably won't be camped out in the bottom three, either, which he was last week. It's worth noting that last week was the first time he ever placed so poorly since he started on the show. Let's hope that was an isolated incident.

Steven Tyler quipped, "Scotty, my man, up until now you've been like a Puritan, but I swear to God, I saw you dance with the devil tonight."

Devlishness aside, Jennifer Lopez concurred and said McCreery "owned" the stage and that she heard some growling in there, too! "That is some 'American Idol' stuff there, baby," she gushed.

Jackson was doubly impressed, stating, "I felt like we were sitting at Concert Scotty. Who knew you could rock the stage right now?" Jackson dismissed McCreery's age as a possible strike against him and declared that Scotty McCreery is in it to win it.

Post-performance, McCreery said that tonight's performance was the most fun he has had on the 'Idol' stage and said he really let it hang loose.

We predict McCreery will advance to the Final Four.

Watch Scotty McCreery Perform 'Gone' on 'American Idol'

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