The only word for 15-year-old contestant Jeneve Mitchell's duet with Scotty McCreery Thursday night (Feb. 11) on American Idol with was "bizarre," according to Keith Urban, who couldn't quite get past it.

McCreery spent time with Mitchell coaching her through rehearsals of Montgomery Gentry's "Gone," and things seemed to be going well until the two took the stage.

"If a guy like me who was bagging groceries in North Carolina can make it then you can definitely can as well," McCreery said when asked by the hopeful if he ever got intimidated by the talent of his fellow contestants on American Idol.

Impressed with her vocal talent, McCreery didn't have many suggestions for Mitchell in rehearsal. "As long as you sing with that kind of grit you put in there and emotion you sounded good on that first take."

During the performance, however, Mitchell seemed lost in the song and the typically positive Urban was confused.

"It was bizarre," the superstar said once she finished the song and McCreery exited the stage. "I have no idea why you got saddled with that song. I like the song but it did nothing for you. So for me, I'm going to forget that performance happened because I like you a lot Jeneve."

No doubt harsh criticism to handle, Harry Connick Jr. and Jennifer Lopez lessened the blow from Urban.

"There's no one in this competition in the all the years watching and even as a judge that's in the specific lane that you have," Connick Jr. said. "You're unique and you're extraordinarily musical. It was a little bit bizarre."

Lopez conceded that the day prior Mitchell won her over with her voice. "How you sing songs is really special." Mitchell was voted through to the next round despite the criticism.

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