Fans can count on Scotty McCreery remaining calm and collected, even while 'American Idol' host Ryan Seacrest lingers between the words "safe" and "Scotty." Surprisingly, the country finalist didn't even think he would get out of the audition round in Milwaukee last summer, which Taste of Country learned as McCreery chatted with radio stations in his home state this morning.

"I remember, I was talking to my dad when I first auditioned in Milwaukee," McCreery told WPLW deejay M.D. in Raleigh, N.C. during today's hometown tour. "And I looked down and I was walking around hearing all these amazing singers and I said, 'Dad, I am in over my head. What am I doing here?'"

"Just to make it this far has just been a blessing," he added.

The rest of the weekend will be spent shaking hands, giving out hugs and signing autographs to the tens of thousands of fans attending a parade and concert in his honor. His hometown of Garner, N.C. is essentially shutting down operations to focus on their star. Additionally, he'll stop by his "current" employer Lowe's Foods to "see if I got anything left in the bagging arm" and to take some promotional pictures for 'Idol' sponsors.

"You know my manager called and said, 'You know Scott still hasn't put in his two weeks notice," McCreery cracked to a room full of fans at WPLW.

It didn't take long for the hundreds of fans who showed up with signs and body paint to see that Hollywood hadn't changed the boy they've fallen in love with. "I haven't changed a bit. I went out to L.A. as Scotty and I'm coming back as Scotty." Stayed tuned to Taste of Country later for full coverage of all the day's events.

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