A bride-to-be shared that she wants to postpone her wedding until her groom gets his braces off so he doesn't "ruin" their photos. Now, she's getting dragged on the internet for being "shallow."

On Reddit, the bride shared that her fiancé, who refused to get braces as a teen because he "feared people would make fun of him," recently got braces after she "encouraged him to get them to finally fix his bad teeth."

However, she wishes he had waited a bit longer.

"The issue is that our wedding was supposed to be coming up soon," the woman wrote via Reddit, revealing she now wants to "postpone" the wedding until her fiancé "gets rid" of his braces.

Though she thought her fiancé would be "understanding," instead, he got "mad" and accused her of being "ashamed" of him.

"That's obviously not true. I just want our wedding photos to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible and that's why I want to postpone our wedding [until] his braces come off," the woman added.

The bride claimed that all of this could have been "avoided" had he gotten invisible braces, but he told her those wore more expensive and he wanted to save money for the wedding and the honeymoon.

The groom-to-be also told her that he didn't think she would be so "shallow" regarding his braces, and said that if she postpones the wedding, she may as well "just call it off altogether" — an ultimatum she believes is completely "unfair."

In the comments section, Reddit users blasted the bride-to-be, with many suggesting the couple not get married at all.

"Holy hell! [He] didn't get braces as a child because he didn't want to be... made fun of. So he gets them as an adult, at the encouragement of his fiancé, then that same fiancé uses his braces as a reason to postpone the wedding because of how his braces will look in the photos??? That is so, so, so much worse than being bullied as a child for having braces. Kids are stupid, mean, and don't have a reason to support you. But as an adult your fiancé should not be treating you worse! At least you've revealed to your fiancé how shallow you are," one user commented.

"You’re marrying your husband, not his teeth. Also he probably feels insecure about it and you’re making it worse," another wrote.

"I wouldn't blame the fiancé if he eventually walks away. [She] seems to value having pretty pictures more than starting her marriage and her overall relationship," someone else weighed in.

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