Country music hitmaker Shane McAnally is a lip-syncing machine.

Though he's used to having major country artists perform songs he's written (Jake Owen, Thomas Rhett, Keith Urban, Sam Hunt are just a few), McAnally recently took center stage in a hilarious Instagram post, where he grabbed the hypothetical mic and lip-synced a recent post-skate interview from U.S. Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon. We have to say, he gave the Instagram performance of a lifetime.

We're not sure how closely McAnally is watching the in-game competitions, but his attention to detail on the post-competition interviews is certainly spectacular.

In the post, McAnally mimics Rippon's interview, answering the interviewer's question of "Is [the Olympics] what you thought it would be or more?" McAnnally takes on Rippon's answer verbatim: "Andrea, it’s like, pretty awesome. I highly recommend it. If you ever have the option, like, come to the Olympics. It’s like a fun time and you know, today was just so special, so much fun."

McAnally nails the interview, complete with every "like" and "um" and shares a few hilarious facial expressions to boot. All in good fun, McAnally posted "If only there was a gold medal for lip syncing. I am living for more interviews with @adaripp !"

Where do McAnnally's talents go from here? Perhaps he's earned a spot on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where he can display his fake-talk chops on Fallon's popular lip sync battles. Stars such as Emma Stone, Tom Cruise, Ellen DeGeneres – even country star Blake Shelton – have held their own in Fallon's battles. Could McAnally get the call?

Watch an excerpt from the real interview with Rippon below, which McAnally helpfully posted for reference, and see if you think the songwriter was on point with his informal tribute!

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