Skylar Laine was shockingly booted from 'American Idol' last night (May 3) after storming her way into the Top 5 and becoming a judge's favorite in the process. The country cutie -- a firecracker blessed with tons of charisma, natural stage presence and a killer, twangy voice that earned her comparisons to Reba McEntire -- admitted after the show that she looks to Miranda Lambert for inspiration, since the two have similar career trajectories.

Laine ended her run on the show performing Lambert's 'Gunpowder and Lead' for her last hurrah. The singer put things in perspective after her elimination, telling MTV that "Miranda Lambert, my idol, didn't win 'Nashville Star.' She got third, and look at her now — winning everything, pretty much. I'm just so happy to be here. So humble and just so thankful for everything."

Rather than crumble from being axed, she looked at it in a positive way. Smart girl! Laine also expressed her joy at the south, and country fans in general, getting behind her and supporting her on this journey. She said, "I'm so happy that the south was rooting for me. Country fans were rooting for me. That's all I want. All I want is a country group. Winning would have been great, but I just want to make an album. I want people to buy it. I want to be on the radio."

Something tell us that won't be a problem for Laine, and that her dreams will come true. Someone is going to scoop her up in a heartbeat, since she is so incredibly talented and is already a country superstar in the making. Plus, you haven't seen the last of her. She'll be on the 'American Idol' summer tour, too.

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