All three 'American Idol' judges agreed that 18-year-old Skylar Laine got off to a rough start singing 'Shameless' by Billy Joel (later recorded and made popular by Garth Brooks). By the time the Mississippi-born singer reached the stage and the chorus however, it was as good as anybody's performance on Wednesday night.

"I love your attack. You're not shameless, you're fearless,"Jennifer Lopez said. "You just go and everyone song and eat it up." Randy Jackson was first to critique her performance during Billy Joel night. He said the beginning was pitchy and flat, but cut his comments short after mistakenly claiming he remembers a Brad Paisley version of the song. Unless Jackson received a private performance from the 'Alcohol' singer, it never happened.

Steven Tyler agreed with Jackson and Lopez, saying that he loves how every time the country cutie reaches a chorus her confidence soars. If Laine could just sing choruses all day long, the remaining nine singers wouldn't stand a chance this year. America will find out who is going home after tonight's (March 22) performance.

Earlier in the show, Diddy worked with Laine saying, "I really love her natural vibe, everything." Tommy Hilfiger also worked on the singer's fashion sense, trying to add color and glamor to her country wardrobe. Of course, he probably didn't win many credibility points with country fans when he referred to "country-western" music. Has anyone called it that since the early '80s?

Watch Skylar Laine Sing 'Shameless' on 'American Idol'