She's the adorable 18-year-old from Brandon, Miss. who's been compared to a young Reba McEntire, and on tonight's episode of 'American Idol,' the young Skylar Laine minted her place in the competition with a killer rendition of the Faces' song 'Stay With Me.' Written by Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood, the song perfectly matched Laine's soulful voice.

Clad in a short sparkling dress casting different colors all over the stage, Laine brought a splash of youthful cheer to the stage with a performance that enveloped the audience in its sheer energy. Laine has that "it" quality, that ability to perform with ease and convince you that she knows exactly what she's doing. She could almost disappear into the performance because her voice was so natural and her show so convincing.

When the applause of the audience finally faded out and Laine had blown them a final kiss, Randy Jackson couldn't contain himself and said, “Yo, yo, yo! Listen. I think this is the first time we’ve had a rockin' performing, definitely great country singer on the show like this … You’re like the rockin' country girl.” He went on to compare to her Reba mixed with Kelly Clarkson. Jackson loved her energy and affirmed the "star quality" she exhibited so naturally.

They all agreed that the song was now one of their favorites. “Oh you were on fire. You’re a pistol," Steven Tyler chimed in. "Just keep that up. Keep it up girl.” We're excited to see what comes out of this young spunky talent next.

Watch Skylar Laine Perform 'Stay With Me' on 'American Idol'