Smithfield's "Hey Whiskey" finds one tortured vocalist begging her man's new love to release her grip, but the duo's ballad comes with a twist.

Jennifer Fiedler sings lead on this tormented love song, progressively shedding composure with each successive lyric. Her ex-lover has a tendency to drink and dial, and that's something she can't deal with any longer. During "Hey Whiskey," she's begging the bottle to put him down, because she cannot.

Fiedler and Trey Smith of Smithfield wrote "Hey Whiskey" with Adam Wood and Casey Derhak and it's a very professional effort. The song is a throwback to a time when vivid imagery and real sorrow mattered, but it's produced to fit neatly beside any two on the radio. You feel and maybe relate to her hesitant desires, and even though she never says it, one knows where all those late night, whiskey-fueled phone calls end.

Did You Know?: Smithfield have found success on SiriusXM the Highway.

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Smithfield's "Hey Whiskey" Lyrics:

"I can tell he’s been with you on nights like this / And when you come on strong, he just can’t resist / You don’t know all the hell you’ve put me through / And he can’t let me go, when he’s holding you."

"Hey whiskey, why you gotta make him miss me / Why does he only call me up when he throws you down, wanting me more with every round / Hey bourbon, why you gotta leave him burning / Feeling that old flame he used to have when he was with me / Hey whiskey."

"I’m only on his mind when you go to his head / And he starts pouring out all the words he never said / How can either one of us start moving on / When every night he spends with you reminds him that I’m gone."

"Why am I the one that ends up feeling empty."

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