In January, 23 Song Suffragettes women gave a musical voice to the Time's Up movement with the release of a song called "Time's Up." Now, they're giving the proceeds back to the cause.

The all-female singer-songwriter troupe raised $10,000 for the Time's Up Legal Defense Fund through sale of "Time's Up." The fund was established by the National Women’s Law Center to help financially support those who have experienced sexual harassment, assault, misconduct and other forms of abuse with their legal cases, in addition to helping to advance their careers with legal and publication relations assistance.

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"Times Up" was co-written by 2017 Taste of Country RISER Kalie Shorr and Lacy Green in the wake of the movement, in which women from all walks of life have been sharing their experiences of sexual harassment.

Shorr and Green were inspired to write the song after the 2018 Golden Globes, and they called upon several other members of the Song Suffragettes to participate in the song and music video. It's a cause they're all passionate about, Shorr says.

“We are inspired by the Song Suffragettes' commitment to addressing gender inequality across the music industry and we are so grateful for their support of the Time's Up Legal Defense Fund, which connects those who experience sexual misconduct and related retaliation in the workplace with legal and public relations assistance. Together, we can create a world that insists on safe, fair and dignified work for women across industries," a representative from the Time's Up Legal Fund says in a press release.

The Song Suffragettes perform every Monday night at the Listening Room in Nashville. Current members include Tenille ArtsLena StoneTieraChloe Gilligan and Savannah Keyes.

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