Any criticism of Sonia Leigh's debut country single is a matter of semantics. Some will argue it isn't a country song because the lyrics don't speak of an experience listeners can relate to. Whether 'My Name is Money' is a country song or only a song that sounds country isn't important in the long run. It's the introduction to this unique voice that listeners should, and will, remember.

Leigh is the first artist on Zac Brown's Southern Ground record label to release music to radio. Unlike a few other artists that have dabbled in the business of running a label, Brown shows a keen eye for styles that haven't been done to death. The Atlanta raised Leigh's voice is slow-cooked Georgia barbecue that you take your time enjoying. She has a smokey soulfulness that you bring friends over to sample after the first taste.

The first verse of 'My Name is Money' steals one's attention away from anything that seemed important: "I can make a woman weak / I can make a small man stand tall / I can start wars / And I can put an end to them all / I can chain you down and I can set you free / I can make you feel so high and bring you down to your knees."

Then she gets to the chorus and things get a little gimmicky: "My name is Money / Money is my name / Well hello my name is money / Money is my name." It's doubtful country programmers and listeners are going to support a song that points out the less virtuous qualities of the dollar bill, when so many people are struggling to collect as many of them as possible.

"I can show you who your friends are / I can show you who they are not / I can change your mind without a second thought / My name is Money." 'My Name Is Money' isn't a great choice for a radio single, but it's a good opportunity to introduce Leigh's voice to country radio and the listeners. Hopefully she's able to follow this up with a song that allows for a shared experience.

Listen to Sonia Leigh, 'My Name Is Money'