Steven Lee Olsen's edgy "Raised by a Good Time" video celebrates the recklessness of teen rebellion.

"Everyone has those memories from growing up where you and your friends were out, carefree, maybe past curfew, feeling like you were all getting away with stuff and just being young," the 29-year-old singer tells Rolling Stone Country of the upbeat song's inspiration. "I really look at those days as moments that helped shape who I ultimately became, and I wanted the video to reflect the spirit of that."

The music video, directed by Mason Dixon, celebrates the spiritedness of youth. It contains performance footage of Olsen and his band, as well as images of teens participating in a variety of shenanigans: sneaking out of the house under the cover of darkness, flirting with handsome strangers, starting bonfires and running from the cops. Fans of all ages will be able to identify with the video's realistic motif of teenage adventures.

"Mason Dixon really helped capture the spirit of the song, from the cast to the energy of it," says Olsen. "The video really brought back some great memories, and it was great to be able to create it with friends." He adds that the song lyrics stem from past experiences.

Olsen's music ranges from catchy, upbeat tunes to darker songs about heartache. For more information about his upcoming album, visit his website.

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