Leaving a relationship is hard, we all know that. Sunny Sweeney's 'Staying's Worse Than Leaving' video does not even try and sugarcoat that fact or soften the blow. What appears to be the breakup of a fractured relationship unfolds before our eyes, as Sweeney and her partner are hanging out separately in different parts of their well-decorated home, deep in thought, sporting long faces.

It's clear that the pair is enveloped by the sadness of their situation, but man, what a view! Thanks to ceiling-to-floor windows and an open, expansive floorplan, their abode is enviable -- even if the status of their relationship is not. Honestly, the home in which the unhappy couple resides is quite the snazzy pad, and it distracts a bit from the emotional heft of the song and subject matter. The set decorators did almost too good of a job.

Sweeney also looks both beautiful and sad at once, even when she cries while strumming on her acoustic guitar, proving that even pretty (cow)girls get the blues.

Strangely enough, the inevitable doesn't happen -- it appears that the unfairly good-looking couple does not part ways. As the song title suggests, splitting would hurt like hell but ultimately be for the best, yet they are still together in the final scene. Via a split screen, the couple are shown lying in bed, with their backs to one another. It then becomes a single screen camera shot, and they are in the same position in the same bed together, intimating that they did not take Sweeney's lyrical advice.

Whoever said parting is such sweet sorrow should choke on those words. At least we have Sweeney's powerful song to coax us through it when it happens to us!

Watch Sunny Sweeney's video for 'Staying's Worse Than Leaving.'