Sunny Sweeney's heart-wrenching "My Bed" — which features fellow country artist Will Hoge — is an emotional song that chronicles the breakdown of a marriage. The hauntingly beautiful track from Sweeney's 2014 album Provoked now has an equally emotional music video.

Directed by Michael Poncé, the video features Sweeney and Hoge sitting on opposite sides of the bed, facing away from each other. Their distance conveys the emotional distance of the couple in the song.

"We all collectively came up with the whole idea," Sweeney tells Rolling Stone Country of the concept for the "My Bed" video. "But once the idea got past the initial stage, I deferred to them [the director and management team] to actually run with it. ... As a music fan, I love seeing the music video — especially if it tells a story and puts the nail in the coffin for the song. That's why I think videos are so important, because you can make them tell the story just by something as small as facial expressions or the way that you look at the camera."

"I think video directors are interesting,” adds Hoge. “You hear the song and you go, ‘OK, we should do a video of us sitting on the bed and the chorus should be us singing together.’ But the director takes these concepts ... like, I would never have thought, ‘You sit on this portion of the bed’ and then they turn the bed around and it makes everything cohesive. It’s fun for me as an outsider to come in and go, ‘Wow, OK. That takes this little concept you have it makes it this big cinematic thing.'"

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