There's a new face of country music news. Beginning Monday (Sept. 26), Ania Hammar will deliver daily news reports from the Taste of Country studios, but you may be familiar with her already!

Hammar has been a key behind-the-scenes contributor to many of the hundreds of voiceover news videos on Taste of Country's YouTube channel. She started as producer, then moved up to writer and voiceover talent. Now she'll deliver the news in her own, very unique way.

If you've watched ToC news regularly, you've learned that our style isn't always serious. Hammar will have fun on camera, but you can bank on what she's saying. The latest breaking news, stories behind the hottest country songs, fresh interviews with country's biggest stars and news from the road — you'll get it all first if you're a ToC subscriber.

Find Hammar at @AniaHammar on Twitter. In addition to being the new face of country music news, the Belmont University grad is an accomplished singer and songwriter. She can also play violin! Listen to her music at Ania Hammar Music.

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