'The Voice' Live Playoffs kicked off on Monday night (Nov. 10) with a country cover. Nashville resident Taylor Brashears performed 'Long Time Gone' by the Dixie Chicks with the help of her fiddle.

Brashears is a member of Team Blake, and she had Blake Shelton's help before the performance. Despite the fact that this was the first live performance for everyone on the show, Shelton didn't address that with his team members.

“We don’t talk about live shows around here,” he said, adding that they just have them rehearse and do it the same since the beginning. "We don’t talk about live, we just sing.”

Shelton picked Brashears for this song because of her sass and voice, saying he wanted to show the true meaning and feel of the tune. The contestant was pleased to have extra help from her coach, saying it felt like he was a producer with all of his constructive criticism.

“She represents an era of country music that has disappeared," he explained before she took the stage.

Brashears came armed with sparkly eye shadow, her fiddle and a boatload of confidence. Despite her voice shaking a little in the beginning, the country singer brought a gritty edge to the song, and it didn't take long for her to look completely at ease in front of the coaches and the audience.

Following the performance, all of the coaches had positive things to say. "You just looked really effortless,” Gwen Stefani told her.

“I was trying to put my finger on what it is about you that I love so much … there is a ornery side of you that comes out,” she said, adding that she blends “personality with sound.”

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