Red alert! It's that time again, when Taylor Swift is hard at work on a new album, and we all know she's been in the studio, but we still act confused and speculate the day away when she begins teasing us via social media ...

Swift took to her socials on Monday afternoon (Aug. 4) to share a little something with her millions of fans: 18. The singer uploaded a cryptic video from an elevator, in which she's seen pressing the button for the 18th floor multiple (six) times.

But what does it mean?!

Fans have a few ideas, and most are hoping -- and are probably spot on -- that it means new music from T. Swift. Many Swifties think that 18 means the singer will drop new music later this month, on Aug. 18. One clever fan even concluded that with a VMAs performance on the way at the end of the month, a new single is extremely likely, writing, "Aug. 18 because on [the] 24th she is performing at the VMAs and there she [may] sing a new single."

Others believe that Swift's upcoming fifth album may have 18 tracks, while some are really reading into the number of times that she presses the button in the very short clip.

Pal Ed Sheeran recently dished a few details about his friend's new music on the way, saying that Swift didn't really team up with anyone for this album, but did it all solo. Read more about what Sheeran has to say about the new music here. For now, all we can do is speculate what exactly the No. 18 means ... and sit on the edge of our seats waiting for more.

Taylor Swift's last album, 'Red,' was released in 2012.

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