Taylor Swift's 2012 dance card keeps filling up, and 2011 still has two-and-a-half months left! The singer has been busy penning songs for the follow-up album to 'Speak Now,' which is due out next year. She will undoubtedly be promoting her debut fragrance Wonderstruck through the end of this year and beyond, as it's a long-term promotional commitment. But Swift recently dropped another hint as to what she'll be up to: She may have an acting gig in her future.

In a recent chat with MTV during her whirlwind Wonderstuck promo tour last week, Swift revealed that
she is working on "some surprise projects that may or may not happen, and possibly some acting." Acting? We'd love to see Swift on the big screen, but it would not be her first foray into that field. She actually appeared as Felicia Miller in the ensemble romantic comedy 'Valentine's Day' in 2010. She starred opposite her boyfriend at the time, Taylor Lautner. They played lovebirds in the flick. It was life imitating art, or vice versa.

But we're wondering if Swift might actually take a small screen role. She makes no secret of her love for 'Law and Order,' so maybe there's a guest spot in her future?

Swift also could not contain her excitement over the writing process for her upcoming album, gushing,
"I've just been so excited about what's gonna happen in the next year. I'm also really excited about [the next album]. I've been writing all the time. I've been writing so much for the new record. I can't believe I'm saying that already: It comes out in a year, but I'm already excited about it."

Before you know it, we'll be deep into 2012 and Taylor's new album will be upon us, full of confessional songs of love and heartbreak, no doubt.

But before we go high tailing it into the future, Swift also said that she is beyond stoked about the upcoming holiday season. Her 22nd birthday falls in December, so the final month of 2011 should be a busy and festive one for Swift, and hopefully bottles of Wonderstruck fly off the shelf during the holiday shopping season.

She spoke about her enjoyment of the holidays, saying, "I love Christmas. I love the whole buildup to Christmas and the way that everything is exciting and wintergreen-ish and Christmas tree-ish."

Perhaps her fans will smell all sorts of Wonderstruck-ish during the holidays.

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