Taylor Swift is no stranger to collaborating with artists of all genres. In addition to working with Justin Bieber, the Civil Wars, and others, Swift recently laid down vocal tracks for rapper B.o.B.'s newest single, 'Both of Us.' Last week, B.o.B. made the trek to Swift's home state of Tennessee to film a music video for the song. While he claims to have enjoyed his time down south, both the rapper and his country counterpart encountered some obstacles during the shoot.

While the video is still in production, the pair took us behind the scenes in a new video, courtesy of Access Hollywood. "See all these utility vehicles and all these chords and cables and lights and action going on? That's what happens when you get B.o.B. and Taylor Swift together," B.o.B. tells the camera while shooting. "That's how we do it."

The 'Both of Us' video will show viewers several snapshots of life just outside of Nashville -- everything from kids playing, to barns, to dogs laying on porches, to Swift hanging out in a field of wildflowers. But there's one thing about Tennessee life that B.o.B. especially wasn't prepared for: the plethora of insects.

“There’s bugs on people, there are bugs crawling on people, there are bugs trying to bite people,” Swift explained. But the Pennsylvania girl-turned-southerner isn't afraid of a few creepy crawlies.

At one point, she noticed a gigantic spider on the rapper's shoulder, and she was quick to save him from the eight-legged creature. “I looked over on B.o.B.‘s shoulder and there is this giant spider!” she recanted. “It looked like a bird! It was that big. It was just hanging out there, ready to kill him."

Swift added, "I saved his life by pointing it out." Obviously, B.o.B. owes her one.

Watch Behind-the-Scenes Footage of B.o.B. and Taylor Swift Filming 'Both of Us'