Taylor Swift recently found a three-day window between tour stops to frolic around in a stylish bathing suit on the beach, while crossing off something from her bucket list at the same time. Swift and all the women from her Speak Now touring family enjoyed the beaches of Charleston, S.C., a city that the 'Sparks Fly' singer has always wanted to visit. They were kind enough to share a few pictures via Swift's official website, as seen in the photo gallery below.

Aside from swimming and relaxing on the beach, the ladies enjoyed a marina restaurant and went for an all-day boat ride. Fans don't often get to learn much about members of Swift's band or the aerial dancers who make the show so much more than ordinary. We get a glimpse at their individual personalities in this artistic collection of photos, and Swift explains how she decided to journal this trip on her website.

"Sometimes I work out, sometimes I don't, sometimes I listen to music constantly, sometimes I become obsessed with a piece of advice I'm given, sometimes I want to do nothing but watch 'Friends' marathons, sometimes I write in my journal every night, then I'll skip a month," Swift wrote. "And sometimes I take lots of pictures of what's going on in my life. For these three days, that's what I did. And because your niceness is why I get to take vacations, I thought I'd share them with you."

The Speak Now Tour resumes on Tuesday with the first of four sold out shows in Los Angeles. Check out our list of the arm lyrics Swift has chosen for each stop on the tour.

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