Taylor Swift continues to rule the music industry, in all genres, as one of the biggest superstars worldwide. With the amount of demand that the 21-year-old singer faces on a daily basis, it's hard to fathom how she manages to make time to look stunning everywhere she goes.

In the latest issue of Allure magazine, Swift dishes on her favorite beauty tips that are essential to her day-to-day life, as she juggles traveling, interviews and appearances. Here are the top 10 beauty tricks straight from Swift herself!

On less is more when it comes to styling her hair with products: "My hair is naturally curly, so it's a lot easier to just let it be. I'm scared to death of it feeling crunchy."

On her favorite hair accessory ... the curling iron: "For shows and events, I'll recurl pieces with a spiral curling iron [3/4-inch] so my hair looks smoother."

On how to fix a bad hair day: "The best way to turn around a bad hair day is to put your hair in a side braid."

On her quick fix for lazy makeup days: "I love red lipstick. If I'm too lazy to do anything else makeup wise, red lipstick is my one step."

On keeping skin hydrated: "I put on night cream before I go to bed and every morning before makeup."

On her lipstick applying system: "Put on a layer, blot with a tissue, put on another layer, blot again. Finally, place tissue over lips and powder."

On creating sexy cat eyes: "When drawing, imagine a line extending from your bottom lid upward and use it as a guide for the eyeliner 'flick.'"

On applying makeup without brushes: "I've been surprised to see how many professional makeup artists use their fingertips to apply foundation."

On her favorite fragrance: "I love vanilla ... the warmth of it. I also love the berries in my new fragrance ['Wonderstruck']."

On her mom's best advice: "Trust your intuition. She always told me that."