Taylor Swift may have released an album called 'Fearless,' but she's not completely unafraid of everything. Swift recently revealed her biggest fears, what's left on her bucket list, vanity, workout list and more. 

The songstress dished lots of information to Marie Claire, and it's a must-read list for all Swifty fans. Many of the items show us that, really, Swift is just a regular girl -- she even has a Pinterest board, which includes recipes, workouts and decorating ideas! Adds Swift cheekily, "OK, lots of 'believe in yourself' quotes."

When asked what her top five fears are, the 'Red' star listed (in numerical order): "Sea urchins, Googling myself, earwigs, cynics and getting arrested." While many people wouldn't be afraid of Googling themselves, Swift knows that when you're a celebrity, it's dangerous territory.

As for what's on her vanity, the star shares that "Red lipsticks and lip stains, daily contact lenses, face wash, moisturizer, cat treats and my new fragrance, Taylor by Taylor Swift" are her beauty must-haves. Additionally, Swift delved into her workout routine, which helps keep her in shape for her exhilarating Red Tour. "Running, hiking, jumping on my trampoline, crunches," she says are what make up her workout.

And, after a big workout, it's always nice to have dinner. Swift spills that her ideal dinner party guests would include Will Ferrell, Conan O'Brien and Ina Garten. "She could help me cook, too!" the star furthers. Who wouldn't want to be invited to that dinner? When she's out on the road, Swift's go-to menus include Japanese food, Chinese food and room service. Sounds delicious!

The singer got serious in the interview as well, noting that getting a college degree "somehow, someway" is definitely on her bucket list.

And what would her headstone read if she could write it? Some lyrics from her song 'State of Grace': "Love is a ruthless game unless you play it good and right."