Remember that time Carrie Underwood showed her cheating lover why he shouldn't have strayed? Taylor Swift's 'Blank Space' video takes that to a whole new level.

Directed by Joseph Kahn, the epically stunning music video portrays Swift's acting skills ... and her crazy side.

When a suitor (supermodel Sean O'Pry) arrives at the star's insanely large mansion, all is well. She's sitting in her spacious master suite with her two horses (yes ... really!). The singer and her flame dine, dance, play, walk the dogs and ride their horses outside the estate. But not long before a fancy picnic goes awry ... and Swift goes dark.

She sees O'Pry texting on his phone and begins shaking her head. That's when all hell breaks loose. Inside the mansion, she begins yelling and quizzing her suitor -- "Oh my God   / Who is she? / I get drunk on jealousy" she sings. That's when Swift pushes the supermodel, cries until her mascara runs, throws his phone in the pool and beings stabbing -- stabbing a lot. She ruins his portraits his fancy car and his fancy clothes ... and any chance of a relationship.

The 'Blank Space' video ends with fresh meat as another man rolls up to the estate. Out with the old, in with the new, right?

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