Taylor Swift's new cat, Meredith, is living the good life. At only a few weeks old, her cuddly pet has been pictured catnapping through private jet rides, romping around green rooms and purring in hotel suite beds without so much as one No. 1 single or even an award nomination under her tiny belt. Yeah, that little feline has it pretty good.

Still, Swift -- a self-proclaimed "cat lady" -- is proud of her Scottish Fold kitten and takes pictures of her any time she gets a moment's rest of her own. Because the 'Ours' singer's hairy roommate is just irresistibly cute (and because we're jealous of her rock star lifestyle), we've compiled a gallery of Meredith doing what she does best: being a cat.

And as long as Taylor Swift keeps sharing new cat pictures with her fans, we'll continue updating this gallery.

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