Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran promised that neither of them would appear in their duet 'Everything Has Changed' video, which is mostly true.

In fact, video is fairly deceptive until the very end. Any viewer would quickly assume that the two singers are portrayed as younger versions of themselves in this new video, as the kids who star in the clip were chosen to be miniature carbon copies.

It begins with a young-looking Swift (played by an adorable child actor) with long blonde hair and a sweet summery dress waiting at the school bus stop with her tiny backpack. When she boards the bus, she sits next to a young, freckled, red-haired boy who is an uncanny version of Sheeran.

Throughout the video, the two kids are seen in class together, starring in a school play and spending their recess eating sandwiches atop the jungle gym, finding their first love. A few hearts may melt during the shot of the boy strumming his guitar, and the little girl (who is a good bit taller) sitting at his feet, looking adoringly at him.

They're inseparable pals, and hilariously color on their face with markers -- as kids often do, oftentimes much to their parents' dismay. If there was any hesitation that the ginger cutie was 'Lego House' hitmaker Sheeran, all doubts are diminished when he builds a lego contraption. When the two 'Everything Has Changed' music video stars begin slow dancing in the gymnasium, it brings up the question of whether or not the superstars are dating.

However, that question is quickly answered. At the end of the sweet video, the two kids run out to their separate parents -- where Swift is waiting to embrace her daughter, and Sheeran picks up his son. They share a knowing look before walking off with their children in tow.