Taylor Swift's lifestyle is chaotic, seeing as she's one of the most famous country and crossover stars in the world. Her schedule requires lots of back and forth and travel for things like tour dates, photo shoots, awards shows, commercials, assorted promotions, meet and greets and much more. Through it all, she has a steady and low maintenance travel companion. 

Her travel BFF is her fur baby and beloved kitty Meredith.

As it turns out, Meredith is laid back and happy to be along for the ride, wherever it takes her or her human mom.

"I have a cat who goes on the road with me when I’m in America," Swift said about her Scottish Fold feline (quote via Big Machine).

She also confessed that Meredith is usually unfazed by whatever situation she finds herself thrust into.

Swift said, "She really doesn’t care where she is. She’s like, 'Oh, I guess I’m on a plane now. Oh I guess I’m in a dressing room now. Oh I guess I’m in a hotel room now; don’t care.'"

Meredith sure is living the dream. She will be on the road with Swift on the North American leg of the Red Tour through Sept. 21.