Taylor Swift performed her Grammy-nominated smash hit 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' at the 2013 NRJ Awards in Cannes, France on Saturday (Jan. 26), looking hotter than, like, ever in a short black mini dress and knee-high boots.

While her ex Harry Styles was on site with his band One Direction, Swift was not knocked off her game one iota. She turned in a confident and flawless performance, one that proves she is a consummate and unwavering professional.

She even delivered the song's spoken word part -- where the subject of the song calls her up and says that he still loves her -- in French! It was certainly the international version of 'WANEGB,' and she catered it to her global audience in France.

It was also cutely choreographed, and there was an extra level of sass and pizzazz in Swift's delivery. Perhaps she was given a jolt of confidence because her ex was there and she has moved on. Whatever the case, it was a fun performance of one of her catchiest songs.

She also interacted with the crowd on the U-shaped stage, reaching out to them and bending down to connect. Swist is a full-service performer, which is one of the many reasons why so many millions of people love her!

Watch Taylor Swift Perform, Speak French at the 2013 NRJ Awards