Perhaps it was Taylor Swift's recent 'Vogue' cover that inspired the editors of the Australian edition of Harper's Bazaar to put the glamorous 'it girl' on the front of their April issue. Whatever the inspiration, Swift can be seen on the cover in a black and gold shimmering Gucci dress -- priced at $10,000 -- that nods to the '80s with its bold, almost geometric pattern, but is more reminiscent of a swanky flapper dress from the '20s.

Standing behind the headline "Fashion's Newest Golden Girl," the beloved singer stands like a model with her lean arms exposed and her hair looking windblown and perfectly tousled. The spread also features additional photos of Swift beneath the high-dollar cover. They're high fashion shots in black and white, showcasing the 22-year-old superstar donning thousand dollar pieces, like an $8,000 Tom Ford black leather jacket in one and a Proenza Schouler dress in the other.

With her angular features and her stunning cheekbones and facial structure, Swift seems to have suddenly come out of the realm of cuteness as of late and truly asserted her womanhood with her new, more relaxed and straightened hair -- and now a series of impressive magazine covers.

But perhaps most endearing about the star is the fact that, even with this new kind of attention, she's not above starring as the voice in the Dr. Seuss film 'The Lorax,' which hits theaters Friday (March 2). The film features Swift as a young, starry-eyed girl, and while we're seeing the real-life singer moving away from that role, she doesn't seem too worried about playing the part on screen.

Taylor Swift Harper's Bazaar

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