The easiest way to keep up with Taylor Swift's life isn't to flip through gossip mags -- it's to check out her Instagram photos. We've selected our favorites of Taylor Swift's best Instagram pictures and showcased them one-by-one here to give you an insider peek at the 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' singer's life, shot by the singer herself (mostly).

Though she's relatively young at only 22, you won't find any shots of Swift boozing it up and partying until all hours of the night in this set of Instagram pics. No, when the country-pop superstar isn't in the studio or on the red carpet, she's hanging out with her cat, Meredith, or playing dress-up with her friends... You know, just the fairytale life of a music sensation. Swift much prefers a quiet night at home baking, throwing circus parties or hanging with her mom to hitting the clubs like some of her famous counterparts.

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