Few artists sing about love as much as Taylor Swift, as she draws from her experiences with old boyfriend's like Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Lautner. Whether she is belting out a break up tune as she tries to move on from a past love or gushing about a new relationship through song, Swift has made it clear that she knows a thing or two about being in and falling out of love.

In order to celebrate Swift's superior songwriting skills, our sister site PopCrush is counting down the Top 10 Taylor Swift Break Up Songs and the 10 Best Taylor Swift Love Songs. Listen to melancholy tracks like 'Teardrops on My Guitar' and 'Picture to Burn' to help get through those rough times, or check out dreamy, lovestruck songs like 'Enchanted' and 'Today Was a Fairytale.'

In other Taylor Swift news, the singer recently recovered from a sickness that forced her to cancel several gigs on her 2011 Speak Now tour. The 21 year old is also getting ready for the launch of her new fragrance, Wonderstruck, which is expected to hit stores this October.

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