Taylor Swift's latest video for her Top 5 hit 'Mean' is another mini-movie from the global superstar singer. During a special behind-the-scenes documentary that aired on GAC this past weekend, Swift took her fans on the set and revealed the thoughts she originally had on the treatment for the video.

'Mean' was filmed at the famed Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles, built in 1925. Upon Swift's arrival to the Orpheum, she was amazed by the transformation between the different sets that were created for the shoot.

"The first time I saw these sets, I absolutely couldn't believe it," she gushed on the 30-minute special. "There are so many moments over a course of a day where I look at something or see something, and I just can't believe I get to be around people who do stuff like this."

The video starts with a banjo-playing Swift and her band performing in the midst of dust and dirt in a prairie farms setting, complete with a goat. Swift and her band were decked out with vintage clothes that were dirty, but the genius mind of the singer made the executive decision that her guitar players needed to swap out their instruments because they screamed "2011." Swift was in luck, as a music shop was not far from the shoot, so they found two "shabby looking guitars."

Once her scenes were finished, Swift switched hats for the three scenes that she wrote the treatment for by thinking back on "mean" moments one can encounter in life: a little girl in elementary school being bullied, a high school teen working a job at a fast food joint while being mocked by her schoolmates, and the young male teen who doesn't follow down the path that the other guys do by playing sports, focusing on fashion instead. Each of the storylines have their happy endings.

"Visually, it just goes with everything I've been obsessed with lately ... theaters and productions," Swift says of the concept. "It really tells stories that to me really matter. It's also just really fun. I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out."

'Taylor Swift: Behind the Video' for 'Mean' will have encore presentations airing this week on GAC. Click here for a complete list of dates and times.

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