Taylor Swift is set to appear as "Elaine" on the season finale of 'New Girl' on Fox. The singer will join Jess (Zooey Deschanel) at Cece's wedding and play a very important role in the action. As if Swift fans weren't excited enough about the singer's TV slot, Taste of Country is making it even sweeter with a huge Taylor Swift prize pack giveaway that includes the entire first season of 'New Girl.'

To enter, follow the instructions in the entry form below. You’ll earn extra entries by following multiple Twitter platforms (our pals at PopCrush, StarCrush and ScreenCrush) or by tweeting about this contest, and each entry will give you an extra shot to win this very meaty prize.

So what's inside the box? Winner will get all the drama between Jess, Nick, Schmidt and Winston plus a dozen Swiftie-fab prizes like a 'Red' iPad cover, a Swift T-shirt, stickers, a Swift iPhone case and sound amplifier for your iPhone. In addition, you'll win a copy of the 'Red' album and an autographed 8x10 photo of Taylor Swift! There's more -- in fact, everything pictured above is yours when you win. That's right, when you win. Think positive.

Enter as many times as possible before the contest ends on May 15. Look for Swift on 'New Girl' on May 14 at 9PM ET.