All eyes are on Taylor Swift's social media accounts as she drops hints at what everyone assumes to be new music, and on Wednesday (Aug. 6), she revealed another clue.

Instead of a video clip like with her first clue -- the number 18 -- Swift shared a photograph. It's a screenshot from her iPhone showing the lock screen. Adorable new kitty Olivia Benson is front and center, sitting fluffily on what appears to be a shelf. There's a painting of the Statue of Liberty on the shelf above the feline, and '5:00' is prominently at the top of the image (the time on her phone when she snapped the pic).

While Swift's first hint was rather simple, this next clue is far more involved, because there are so many possible clues within the clue! Did she write about Olivia? What's happening at 5:00? And, will it be in NYC? There are so many questions, but answers will come soon enough.

For now, Swifties are hoping that the 'Red' singer's first clue means new music on the Aug. 18 (or 18 tracks on her new record, 18 new cats, 18 new haircuts...). All will be revealed in due time. We do know Swift's next will be an emotionally well-rounded album and it will, as always, have a storytelling aspect.

Every Swift fan will be waiting (im)patiently for clue No. 3 ... and you know what they say: the third time's a charm. Maybe the next clue will be the big reveal.

Taylor Swift's 'Red' album hit in 2012.

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