James Powers, a junior at Hazel Green High School in North Hazel Green, Ala., has a dream to take Taylor Swift to his prom this year. Knowing he couldn’t just call her up, he set out to fulfill his wish in his own way: He rewrote the lyrics to Swift’s hit ‘Our Song,’ titled it ‘Our Prom,’ and posted a video of himself performing the newly-penned tune on YouTube.

Powers sings: "Our prom will be so much more, than any other prom you've ever been to before / We'll dance real fast and we'll dance real slow / We'll take pictures with my mama's cell phone."

What basically started out as a joke has now gone nationwide, thanks to the Internet. The idea sparked when all his friends had their prom dates set -- so he decided to go one step further and invite one of his favorite celebrities. He doesn't have high hopes, but he's enjoying the reaction so far.

"I really think this could happen. I’m really excited right now," he admits to Taste of Country. He chose Swift because “first off, I relate to her so much. I play guitar, I’m a young artist and I was teased in school like she was, too. Everyone around me would be in gym and I would be sitting in a classroom writing a song."

Of course, Powers adds, "She’s also very attractive and she’s a really likeable person from what I’ve seen on TV. I really respect her for her confidence and courage [and] how she started out. I would love to have that much courage."

When told that Swift is quite tall in heels, Powers responds, "I’m OK with that. I’m 6'4"." What will he first say to her if they ever actually meet? The high school junior tells us he has a tentative plan: "After I finish screaming and crying I’ll probably say, 'Thank you.' But I actually haven’t really thought that far ahead yet."

Powers says the attention he has gotten on Facebook has been incredible, and that his friends have been super supportive as well. He says, "They are the reason I have even gotten this far.”

Plus, he's more than prepared for the dance. The aspiring country singer has the $25 prom fee saved, and he even owns his own tux. As for prom night dinner, well, he assures, "I know a couple good spots around here we could go."

He has yet to hear from Swift, but he's hoping that she'll reach out to him in some way. The prom at Hazel Green High School is on April 29, so we shall see. Best wishes, James!

Watch James Powers Sing 'Our Prom' to Taylor Swift