Vh1's 'Pop Up Video' is back, and Taylor Swift's 'Our Song' has now gotten the pop up treatment. Viewers get a little more than the normal facts and quirky trivia that the program is known for with this episode. The television show breaks down one side of a band member's unceremonious exit from the band.

Included in the cuter pop up bubbles is that it took "a really long time" to straighten Swift's hair, and Swift requested a look similar to Carrie Bradshaw's from 'Sex in the City.' She'd just watched a 'SITC' marathon, so costume designers came up with the purple dress that is very "Carrie." The rhinestone guitar was director Trey Fanjoy's idea. He told the stylist to glue them on, one-by-one. While shooting, a rhinestone would fall off and everyone would get on hands and knees to find it for re-gluing.

It's never entirely clear who the producers of 'Pop Up Video' talk to, but somebody shared some dirt about Swift and Emily Poe, her close friend and fiddle player. The official story is that she left the band in 2008 to pursue law school, but the video explains that she was allegedly fired without being given a reason. "Taylor never talked to her again," a bubble pops.

Multiple Taylor Swift fan sites remain clueless as to why Poe parted ways with Swift, but at least one suggests Swift tried to save her job but couldn't. It's believed that the song 'Breathe' from 2008's 'Fearless' album could be about Poe.

Watch Taylor Swift's 'Our Song' on 'Pop Up Video'


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