Poor Taylor Swift. She really got 'Punk'd' by Justin Bieber in the brand new season of the hidden camera series that MTV is exhuming as of March 29. A teaser clip of the Biebs punking his pal Swift has surfaced online, and while it's hilarious to the viewer and those in on the prank, it's not as quite funny to Swift, as a look of genuine terror crosses her face. She appears completely concerned about the events that unfold in the forthcoming episode. 

Based on the clip and what we know about what's to come, Swift is convinced she ruined a wedding by setting off fireworks with Bieber. In the clip, the 'Baby' singer says, "She is the sweetest girl ever. She thinks she ruined a wedding."

Apparently, in the episode, the teen pop star convinces Swift to shoot off fireworks, which 'accidentally' land on a yacht, where a wedding is in full swing. The yacht erupts into flames and the wedding party dives into the water to swim to safety.

That's when we see a shot of a terrified Swift in a red dress with red lips as she runs to survey the damage, saying assuredly, "This is completely not okay!"

There's an indication that the Swift episode will be the season premiere, since Bieber addresses his desire to punk America's and country music's sweetheart to kick things off, saying, "I think we should start with Taylor."

Gotcha, Taylor! Let's hope she's not in a retaliatory mood and plotting revenge on the 18-year-old pop heartthrob. You know what they say about paybacks…

Watch a Clip of Taylor Swift Being 'Punk'd'

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