Taylor Swift's luck British fans were treated to the first-ever live performance of 'Red,' the title track of her upcoming album, this past weekend. But thanks to modern technology, video of the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards performance is now available online, so fans everywhere can take in the experience.

During the live debut of 'Red,' Swift played a scarlet-colored guitar and sang on a fittingly red, bedazzled microphone, while red lights flashed in the background. Of course, her lips were painted their signature shade of crimson, so the red motif was in full effect. These production hues suited the intensity of the song.

The statuesque 22-year-old singer looked fashion forward in a black lacy top and metallic, silver shorts. Per usual, she had "13" scrawled on her hand in black marker. Her fans in the London audience held up posterboard signs with her lucky number, further demonstrating the unbreakable bond between the singer and her fans.

It was cute to see Swift's diehard English fans singing the lyrics back to her, as they already knew the words to the song, which was made available on iTunes last week. Swift sang and rocked out the 'Red' live debut with passion, as if there were a fire in her belly and the desire to share this fast-paced song came from a place deep within her core as an artist.

Fans will be in for a real treat as Swift hits the tour circuit in spring 2013 to play more selections from 'Red' live. 'Red,' which boasts 16 tracks touched by the hand of the lyrical prodigy, is out Oct. 22.

Watch Taylor Swift Perform 'Red' for the First Time in London

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