Taylor Swift just came out with a behind-the-scenes video from her music video shoot from 'Safe & Sound,' the lead single on the upcoming 'The Hunger Games' soundtrack. The haunting mood of the song, which also features The Civil Wars, translates so perfectly to the almost colorless video. In the below clip, Swift catches the vision as soon as she steps out into the cold of the barren winter woods.

“This is like the coolest location for a video I’ve ever been on,” she gushes. It was likely a contender for the coldest, too. As Swift "meanders" through the forest barefoot and in a light, breezy dress, the cameras catch her at different angles, and as soon as they get what they need, Swift dons an oversized knit sweater and boots and warms herself by a heater. Though she admits that walking barefoot in the icy woods is not the most comfortable thing, she can't say too much since she was the one who thought of it in the first place.

“It was actually my idea to walk around barefoot because I think it’ll look cool, and now I’m kind of kicking myself for suggesting it... " she tells the camera, adding, "I’m wearing this little vintage, 1920s chiffon silky dress, and the kind of idea of it is sort of ghostlike – it’s supposed to look a little ghostly.”

Another shot in the video shows Swift shivering for warmth atop a grave from the 1850s, and apparently that seemingly open grave wasn't just a great prop, as Swift seems to be adequately creeped out by it. To add just the right touch to the bleak feel of the video, the weather was appropriately dreary and dark, which Swift says was just right.

“The weather is absolutely perfect for this shoot because we wanted it to be really cloudy and hazy," she says. "That’s the way that it looks the most emotional when you’re shooting a location for something melancholy and sad. I was just praying that the sun wasn’t going to be shining today because that would be a little harder to portray this emotion.”

Speaking of the two-day shoot, Swift describes all the cool places she'll be "meandering" to capture the right footage, concluding in the end, "It's going to be a lot of walking."

Watch The Making of 'Safe & Sound' with Taylor Swift