Taylor Swift made her mark on the pop world Sunday night (Aug. 24) during the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards. The star sparkled -- literally -- during her first live performance of her new single, 'Shake It Off.'

Swift was welcomed to the stage by her friend Lorde, who acknowledged the change in direction by saying this would be a "new era" for T. Swift -- and boy, could we tell. Her rockin' live performance of the catchy single was done in a dazzling crop-top and high-waisted shorts (yes, again), but this time the outfit was apparently made from hand-beaded Swarvoski crystals, so she shined throughout.

The 'Red' singer's performance started with an overhead shot, where she was seen being held up by a male dancer in the plank position. As he rose, so did Swift. She took it back a notch from the 'Shake It Off' video, where she appropriately shakes her groove thang, this time she shaking her hips while the crystals shimmered in the light. Her well-dressed male counterparts took most of the dance moves for themselves. Here, Swift reminds us of classic Hollywood between the dance moves, the outfits and, of course, her stage decor, for which she is well-known.

Swift danced her way to the top of the stage, standing on top of the title of her upcoming album, '1989.' During a break in the song, she looked down at her dancers, who expected her to leap from the numbers. "No, one second ... I don't care if it's the VMAs ... I'm not jumping off of there. There's all kinds of people getting bitten by snakes, it's dangerous," she said as she walked her way to the bottom stage, garnering a few laughs from the crowd (especially J.Lo). The superstarlet ended the debut performance of 'Shake It Off' on a high note, with bright lights and lots of energy as the crowd applauded.

Much better than that time Kanye stole her spotlight, right?

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