Taylor Swift may have "shoe designer" on her lengthy resumé, but her kitten, Olivia Benson, is adding "shoe model" to hers. Check out Miss Benson showing off Swift's new line of exclusively designed shoes from Keds.

Swift teamed up with Keds last year and has been partnering with the popular shoe company to design and promote her own exclusive line of canvas sneakers. The 'Shake It Off' star's latest design is called the 'Champion Sneaky Cat,' which makes Swift's furry feline the perfect model for the new shoe.

The 'Sneaky Cat' Keds are in celebration of Swift's fifth studio album, '1989,' which is set to release Oct. 27. In honor of her latest album, named for the year she was born, the new shoe features a gold Taylor Swift charm and the singer's birthdate -- "12-13-89" -- in her own gold handwriting on the heel.

The 'Sneaky Cat' was announced in August after Swift's Yahoo! live stream and had a very long waiting list, but now fans can order a pair of their very own. Visit Keds.com to get your paws on a pair!

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