Taylor Swift entertained fans in Atlanta, Ga. over the weekend, and it wouldn't be a true Taylor Swift show without some cover performances. Swift, 21, sang Sugarland's track 'Baby Girl,' and the musician was later accompanied by pop superstar Usher for a duet to 'Yeah!,' which was a No. 1 hit for the R&B crooner back in 2004.

During her cover performance of Sugarland's 'Baby Girl,' Swift sat on a rotating platform in a cute purple dress as she strummed on her acoustic guitar. Her version of the song was so sweet and natural as she sang the lyrics about a young, aspiring female singer trying to make it big. It's an appropriate song that Swift can probably relate to very strongly, since she is such a young star herself.

Swift changed tempos drastically from her 'Baby Girl' cover when she brought surprise guest Usher out onstage. The duo performed Usher's massive club hit 'Yeah!' and Swift showed off her rapping skills again by performing the verse originally done by Ludacris (the same rapper who performed on Jason Aldean's 'Dirt Road Anthem' remix). The crowd was loving the cover, as Swift and Usher did the Atlanta tribute dance patented by Usher, called the "A-town stomp."

Who will Swift bring out for her next performance?! She is performing again in Atlanta tonight, and has shows scheduled in Little Rock, Ark. and New Orleans, La. for Oct. 4 and 5. Perhaps she'll recruit New Orleans native Lil Wayne for a duet?

Watch Taylor Swift Perform Sugarland's 'Baby Girl'

Watch Taylor Swift and Usher Perform 'Yeah!'