Seventeen women strike back at a demoralizing boss during the Song Suffragettes' humorous, empowering music video for "The Man." The Nashville singer-songwriter collective chose a Taylor Swift song for their newest collaboration.

Their version stays true to Swift's original, aside from having 17 voices speak to gender inequality instead of just one. The track was produced by Song Suffragette Tasji and is available at any digital streaming platform, including Amazon.

Ragtag produced a music video that stars all singers heard during the recording, plus actor Dan O’Callaghan as "The Man." His bad behavior, bad haircut and bad suit are the source of humor throughout the music video, but the larger message is quite serious. The way he berates and demoralizes his all-female staff may feel all too real for some — it's enough for the 17 women co-starring to capture on film and turn into human resources as the song closes.

For more than five years, the Song Suffragettes have met on Monday nights at the Listening Room in Nashville. It's an all-female singer and songwriter round that spotlights five women each night. Since 2014 more than 240 artists have performed, with 16 signing record deals and 40-plus landing publishing deals. Previously the group has released impactful videos for a cover of Keith Urban's "Female" and their own "Time's Up," the latter being in response to a 2018 movement of the same name.

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