Taylor Swift takes fans inside the creative mind of her and director Anthony Mandler's vision for the 'I Knew You Were Trouble' video. The dramatic script follows Swift as a good girl who meets a boy she describes as "corruption." She changes everything about herself to fit into his world. In these three making-of episodes, one sees what lengths the cast went through to capture the drama.

"I wanted to be as character as possible," Swift says, explaining her pink hair in the bold clip. "He's corrupting her in every possible way, including her look."

Perhaps the most shocking scenes come in the second edition of the behind-the-scenes clips, when the crew is filming the bar fight scene. Actor Reeve Carney plays Swift's love interest. He picks a fight with three toughs shooting pool, and it's more than alarming to hear Swift scream for the men to stop stomping her boy. One never hears this audio in the finished version of the music video.

In episode three, Swift reveals that she couldn't have filmed the 'I Knew You Were Trouble' video -- or even recorded the song -- just two years ago. "I hadn't realized that getting your heart broken isn't only one person's fault," she says, looking weary from a full day's worth of filming in the California desert. The chosen location was in a small town outside of Los Angeles. No one could get cell phone service as they filmed.

Mandler describes how his video pushes Swift in a direction fans aren't used to, and the actress/singer embraces the danger in change. Along the way, one gets a better appreciation for the story she tells in her song from 'Red,' and also for what she has to go through on a day-to-day basis to avoid paparazzi. They're lurking nearby in one of the clips.

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