Taylor Swift is a pretty good girl. She signs autographs for young fans, sings about fairy tale situations and loves her parents. Still, the 21-year-old 'Speak Now' star says she is terrified of being accused of a something she didn't commit, and tortures herself with plenty of crime-related shows on TV.

"I watch so much TV. So much," the ever-touring pop-country artist admits to CMT. "Usually it's crime stuff, like 'CSI,' 'Without a Trace,' 'Law and Order: SVU' -- those are my favorites."

But being that she often spends hours with detectives Stabler and Benson for those super 'SVU' marathons, you'd think by now that Swift would be the perfect criminal. In fact, she says it's the opposite, and that she fears being convicted without reason. She spills, "I'm terrified of getting in trouble. Terrified of it."

Swift continues, "I have this big huge nightmare about if I were to get accused of something I didn't do, that's like the one nightmare I have over and over again. I think why I watch those crime shows is just sort of like … Sort of a look into my nightmare."

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