Remember when Taylor Swift showed up at a fan's bridal shower? She video blogged the whole experience, giving Swifties an inside look at how the shower crashing went down.

The video begins with Swift explaining how Gena Camerlengo had been very dedicated and loyal to her music over the years. When the singer received a wedding invitation from her friend, she realized she couldn't make it to the wedding -- but she could attend the bridal shower.

Instead of sending in an RSVP, Swift decided to completely surprise Camerlengo. She packed up the gifts she purchased and made by hand, boarded a plane, and headed to Columbus, Ohio.

Swift documents everything that happened between leaving home to making up little ditties in the car to attending Camerlengo's shower, and best of all, she was able to get footage of her fan's face when she saw the 'Red' hitmaker. It was pretty priceless.

The video also showcases the gifts Camerlengo opened, which included some pretty snazzy presents from Swift herself, who admitted she goes crazy in kitchen stores. There was a beautiful watercolor hand-painted by the singer, cookies made with figure skater Gracie Gold, and a KitchenAid mixer that was, of course, red.

Toward the end of the video blog, Swift writes, "Dearest Gena, thank you for inviting me to your bridal shower, and for inviting me into your life since 2007!"