Taylor Swift has released a new video showing her behind the scenes involvement during the creation of her first fragrance, Wonderstruck. Swift says that the scent has "warm, spicy tones" and "caramel notes -- I really love that."

From her description, it's a dreamy, autumnal mix that's the perfect complement to the cooling weather and colder seasons. Swift got her hands (and her nose) dirty by being so intimately involved in the process, as the video shows her sniffing samples and offering her approval, simply by the look on her face. You can tell which notes she likes and dislikes via her facial expressions after she takes a whiff. Swift was clearly engaged by the process of creating her own perfume.

Swift enjoyed learning the fragrance ropes, saying, "In making this perfume, it was such an amazing process, picking the things I liked."

Of course, she compared songwriting to scent-making: "You can tell a story through songs, through movies and through writing. You can kinda tell a story that connects memories together when you are creating a perfume people are going to wear in their day to day lives."

The clip ends with her inhaling, smiling and proclaiming "yeah" when she is given a tester to smell and evaluate. It was a moment of fragrance nirvana, where the singer found her scent.

Watch the Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Perfume Promo

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