The past 48 hours on The Bachelor have left us emotionally exhausted and with our jaws still hanging to the floor. Why, you might ask? We aren’t going to waste any time and get straight to the juice.


On Monday, the final two women eagerly chasing after Peter Weber’s heart went to meet the family. Hannah Ann was first on the chopping block, but we could see she instantly made a connection with his mother (remember this for later). Hannah Ann told Barbara Weber that she’s falling in love with him and that she wanted to end up with Peter.

It was beyond obvious that his family loved her, and his very (emphasis on the very) vocal mother let Peter know that he should pick her.

However, Mama Weber, we weren’t done yet! Cue Madison coming into town.

First off, there was already an awkward tension in the room because if you remember, she barely made it to the last rose ceremony, as she was not sure if Peter was who she wanted. Therefore, she spent most of her time with Peter discussing if this was something she even wanted (also remember this for later).

Once inside, Mama Weber wasn’t pleased. Madison stood up for herself against mama bear and let her know she wasn’t going to compromise on her morals. Barbara let homegirl know she doesn’t want anyone to change her boy and that he likes to party, and she doesn’t think that will fit into Madison's lifestyle.

Let’s just take a moment that Barbara made her son sound like a college frat boy who likes to go to raging parties on the weekend. Woah, who is this Peter?!

Needless to say, it was an awkward meeting and after Madison left, Barbara didn’t hold back and let Peter know he shouldn’t pick Madison. Naturally, this stressed Peter out.

All of Bachelor Nation has been waiting to see who Barbara has been hysterically crying over in all the previews, and it was revealed on Monday night. People schemed that Peter went back for Hannah B. or ran after Madison, but the actual result had a lot of people disappointed. Barbra was blubbering to Peter that he needed to bring Hannah Ann home to them. Dang, talk about a pushy mother. She never gave Madison a shot or really let Peter make up his own dang mind!


It was very clear that Peter loved Madison, but after that family interaction, Madison left as she saw that her lifestyle would conflict with his. Heartbroken, it felt like Peter then proposed to Hannah Ann by default.

Then there we were at “After the Final Rose,” and Peter broke off the engagement with a crushed Hannah Ann (could have seen that coming). Hannah Ann didn’t hold back her frustration (duh, can ya blame her) and let Peter know that he not only took her first engagement away, but also she wished he hadn’t been selfish and proposed knowing it wasn’t what he wanted.

We saw a spitfire of a woman that quite honestly, we didn’t know where she’d been hiding. She ended the night with the ultimate mic drop, saying, “If you want to be with a woman, you need to become a real man.” (Dang! Burn, baby, burn).


Let’s just say Madison’s time on Tuesday ended up being a dumpster fire, but Bachelor Nation is on her side, and here’s why.

Madison found out Peter is single, and since taping, they have talked a bit. She came back on the show Tuesday night, and Peter let people know they are taking one day at a time, but both still love each other — a.k.a., they will attempt to date in the “real world” or, now, Insta-famous world.

The entire Tuesday show, the crafty ABC producers kept the camera rolling on Barbara Weber. From the major eye rolling and permanent RBF, it was clear not only was she upset that Peter let Hannah Ann get away, but also that she wasn’t a fan of Madison.

The ultimate pot-stirrer, Chris Harrison, gave Mama Weber the floor, and she ripped Madison to shreds. She said that the only way Madison would succeed with her was to fail (sorry, WHAT?!) and that she had an instant connection with Hannah Ann. Poor Mr. Weber was clearly a prop and said whatever would go along with his wife. We don’t blame him. The darting glare that she gave him would have scared us, too.

Don’t worry, Peter stepped in and told his parents to trust him, but it was Madison that didn’t let Mama Weber have the final word. Respectful yet firm, Madison let Barbara know it wasn’t just her son on this journey and that she was on it, too. She wants to pursue Peter, but will never apologize for standing firm on what she believes. After that, applause erupted from the crowd. Everyone was done with Barbara’s behavior.

If you’re still with us and not lying on the floor over the drama, congratulations! What’s next for the couple? Honestly, we think it’s going to be rough for them, but we will just have to wait and see. We do know we wouldn’t want to be at the Weber Thanksgiving dinner! It’s been a season full of turbulence, and we are surprised we still have a pulse.

If you love music and love, ABC is dropping its next series, Listen to Your Heart, on April 13.

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