Blake Shelton gave one member of the Band Perry his fair share of wet willies at the CMT Awards, and the whole band has decided they're going to get him back.

Newly-wed Kimberly Perry and her brothers Reid and Neil are joining Shelton's 2014 Ten Times Crazier Tour which kicks off Friday (June 20) in Austin, Texas and they're readying themselves for a slew of 'pestering' pranks. This band isn't one to hold back and take the punches (ever listen to their song 'Done' or 'Chainsaw'?).

“It’s funny. Like, we’ve been out with pranksters on the road. Brad Paisley, he does these like big kind of big pranks," Neil Perry tells CBS Radio, "but I think Blake is like the more pestering kind of artist."

Kimberly Perry gave an example. "Well, I mean, the other night at the CMT Awards he kept giving Neil --"

"A wet willy!" the youngest brother interrupts. "Every time he passed me he’d give me a wet willy. I’m like, ‘What are you doing? We’re introducing you. Be nice to us.’"

TBP isn't going to just take all those little pranks; they're going to get revenge. Says the group, "We’ll get him back. We’re good at pestering.”

When the trio was on tour with Paisley, he passed out more than 50 copies of a photo that had Kimberly and Neil ... and Christopher Guest (of 'Spinal Tap') photoshopped onto Reid's face. He definitely sets the bar high in terms of tour pranks.

Neal McCoy and Dan + Shay will also join Shelton on the road as tour openers.